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I was community maintainer for a day. T_T
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Congratulations to everyone who made vocal jazz!!! next year should be really fun :)

the starred people are the new people.
*Emily Geewax
Lilly Nichlos
Maureen McCarthy

Alissa Dalke
*Cailin swarm
Tricia Logan
*Breanna Brewer

*Shira Smason-Marcus
*Elizabeth Arakaki
Eve Smason-Marcus

Ian MacKenzie
*Devin Herold
*Nathan Wendels

Jesse Bryan
*Jeremy Caci
*Jason Wong

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does anybody know when we can get yearbooks?
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i created a nathan hale musical community


click the link
you know you want to
and join the community
because its awesome.

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I wonder if you'll like this...Collapse )
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Does anybody have any information about the junior breakfast?

Edit: I mean, any other information besides the stuff on the posters.

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opening night is May 4th at 7:30. every show is at 7:30 on the May 4,5,6,11,12,13 (i think). i dont remember how much tickets are but everyone should come. i think half this community is in the musical so...the other half of you should definitely come and see us. hopefully we'll finish all of our blocking before opening night.
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Okay guys, it's poll time.
Would you rather be doing the WASL or senior project this week?
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1. Vocal jazz tryouts will be in 2-3 weeks. so get ready! Mr. Schuesner hasn't really been specific about what you need to have prepared when you try out but have a song ready and he'll be asking you to sight read and sing scales and such.

2. the BIG music fundraiser is this weekend on the 22nd. a night full of tango and swing and raffle tickets! you all should come and support the music department because we need you. i dont know prices or anything but ill figure that out and get back to you. its at school and it should be really fun you get dancing lessons and yummy food and fun music.

and late start this week till friday :)

hope everyone had a good break
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