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A youth led interfaith organization.

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To whom it may concern,

Our names are Miri Golub, Martin Willner, Gabi Sanchez Stern, and Eve Smason-Marcus. We have recently received a startup grant from Youth Venture, a social entrepreneurship foundation, for a city-wide, youth, interfaith program called From Faith to Faith. Through this program, adolescents of different faiths will connect, not only through dialogue, but also through an action centering on a commonly shared value.

Throughout the program there will community service projects and the participants will be required to attend general Faith to Faith programs , which will occur 6 times a year. Some of the programs we have planned are.

1. Speaker forums
-- A Rabbi, Imam, Pastor/Priest/other Christian clergy will speak on his/her religion at his/her respective synagogue, mosque, or church.

2. Film talks--Open to the public
-- A film that centers on disabilities will be shown, followed by a discussion.

3. Abraham's vision
Students will compare the text of the Torah, Koran and New Testament centered around one story.

4. Ties that Bind--Open to the public
-- Two adolescents participating in Faith to Faith will be chosen to represent Judaism, Islam, and Christianity on a panel. After watching the documentary Ties that Bind, clips from the movie will be shown, and the panel will be asked questions thereby allowing the audience to view a successful interfaith dialogue.

If interested in supporting us in this venture in anyway (i.e. leading sessions, monetary,supplies,space,etc.)

Please e-mail us at: fromfaithtofaith@gmail.com
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