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 Hey there! My name is Lauren and I'm a Casting Assistant for MTV News & Docs. Currently, I am looking for teens in WA who would like to be part of a new reality show.  Details are below:

Are you a teen between the ages of 14-19 who is dealing with some sort of issue? Anything from peer pressure, self esteem, bullies, relationships, cliques, etc. is of interest! If so, we'd love to set you up with a celebrity mentor who'll work with you to build confidence and overcome your problem. We're looking for candidates primarily on the West Coast (CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ) for right now. If you think you'd be a good match for this show, send us an email at HelpMe@MTVstaff.com !

A link to the official casting call is here: http://www.mtv.com/ontv/castingcall/index.jhtml?castingId=1585397
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Hows everyone doing at Hale? new teachers? new courses? the football team? Does anyone want to be the maintainer of this group? I don't go to Hale anymore so if anyone that does go there now wants control of the community you are welcome to it...maybe.

I don't know just post if you want to talk about it.

Hope you all don't miss 07 too much

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I have to stay home from Hale to work on an essay for North today. Could somebody please explain the new attendance policy? I remember hearing somewhere that they don't do appeals anymore, but I don't know how it works. Does that mean you automatically lose credit if you miss 10 days, or it doesn't matter as long as their excused?
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well the two snow/ice days were awesome.

we only have thursday and friday left of school this week.
and i think we have an assembly on friday :)

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Wow, this communities pretty dead, but I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm a running start student, so I don't have mentorship. I'm trying to figure this whole senior project deal out. So I was looking at the website about senior projects and I saw that it said:

November 8th: Proposals are due to Ms. Tolentino in room 102

November 8th: Expert Advisor Interviews due. Show to your mentor teacher only.

Is that a typo, or would your proposals and interviews really be due on the same day? It seems like you'd want to know if your proposal even works before you go do your interview...

Also, have mentorship teachers been talking about senior projects much yet? If so, what have they been saying?

Any information would be great. Thanks!

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To whom it may concern,

Our names are Miri Golub, Martin Willner, Gabi Sanchez Stern, and Eve Smason-Marcus. We have recently received a startup grant from Youth Venture, a social entrepreneurship foundation, for a city-wide, youth, interfaith program called From Faith to Faith. Through this program, adolescents of different faiths will connect, not only through dialogue, but also through an action centering on a commonly shared value.

Throughout the program there will community service projects and the participants will be required to attend general Faith to Faith programs , which will occur 6 times a year. Some of the programs we have planned are.

1. Speaker forums
-- A Rabbi, Imam, Pastor/Priest/other Christian clergy will speak on his/her religion at his/her respective synagogue, mosque, or church.

2. Film talks--Open to the public
-- A film that centers on disabilities will be shown, followed by a discussion.

3. Abraham's vision
Students will compare the text of the Torah, Koran and New Testament centered around one story.

4. Ties that Bind--Open to the public
-- Two adolescents participating in Faith to Faith will be chosen to represent Judaism, Islam, and Christianity on a panel. After watching the documentary Ties that Bind, clips from the movie will be shown, and the panel will be asked questions thereby allowing the audience to view a successful interfaith dialogue.

If interested in supporting us in this venture in anyway (i.e. leading sessions, monetary,supplies,space,etc.)

Please e-mail us at: fromfaithtofaith@gmail.com
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I lost my wallet...

It has EVERYTHING in it. All of my school ID's (Hale and North) my permit, my social security card, my money.

I'm almost positive it fell out at school somewhere (I hope Hale and not North...I don't know how I would find it at North). I looked everywhere in my house and the car. It was in my backpack yesterday.

Where is the lost and found? We have one right? I would think so.

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10 days for seniors.
15 days for everyone else.
yearbooks in 1-4 days.
finals in 14 days
graduation in 12 days

the 2005-2006 school year is almost done.
i know im happy that its almost summer break....

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I can't wait for our yearbooks! They really look great this year =D
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Does anyone know when the hale play performances are? I know there's a preview on wednesday after school, but what time is it on thursday?  Is it only this weekend?
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